■ First International Bantamweight Champion, Rangsit Stadium
■ Bantamweight Champion, Z1 Muay Thai World Tournament (Malaysia)
■ Ranked 5th in WPMF International Professional Muay Thai Federation
■ Ranked 19th in WBC World Super Bantamweight
■ Ranked 5th ISKA World Bantamweight
■ ISKA World Muay Thai Bantamweight Champion (January 10, 2016)
■ISKA World Muay Thai bantamweight champion his fist defence fight game was succeeded(May 14.2017)

Began kickboxing at the age of three. Became champion of First International Junior Kickboxing Match Entered an alternative high school in Omiya and left for Thailand to begin his Muai Thai training after graduating middle school Joined 96 Penang Gym located in the infamous Klong Tuey slums and known as one of the most intense gyms in Thailand. After joining, he moved into a gym dorm where he slept and took his meals while practicing Muay Thai. Shirou made his Japan debut at Korakuen Hall at the age of 16. He won by KO in the second round. Made his first attempt at New Japan Kickboxing Association’s Bantamweight Title Match at Korakuen Hall on May 13, 2012. Thought the match ended in a tie, the spectators booed so loudly afterwards that it overwhelmed him. But his skills shown in the match left a lasting impression on those associated with Japan kickboxing. On July 1 of the same year Shirou fought and won the second match of Thailand’s famed Muay Thai Rajadumnern Stadium. He has continued to grow and gain attention by his second win in a row there with a KO in March Crowned ISKA World Muay Thai Bantamweight Champion on January 10, 2016 by defeating number-one ranked Daniel McGowan 14th May 2017 Shirou was fighting for first defence title with Adrian Lopez. he won Adrian by KO(3R) Shirou has been keeping his title.