■2nd International Jr.Kick Boxing feather weight champion
■3rd International Jr.Kick Boxing  light weight Champion
■7nd Shin Nihon Kick boxing fly weight Champion
■ISKA World Muay thai Fly weight ranking 6
■ISKA intercontinental Fly weight Champion (May 14,2017)

He began to learn karate at the age of five.
13 years old Reiya joined Bewell kick boxing Gym and he has been training kick boxing
Then Reiya longed for Shirou who two years older, aiming for a professional kick boxer.
Oct,2011 He went to get training Muay thai in Thailand
June,2012 Reiya had gotten muai thai fight game in Thailand but he lost also He was baptized for the first time in Thailand by a strict Muay Thai
Nov,2014 It was He joined Muay Thai fight game in  Lumpinee Boxing Stadium.but He got 3RKO.
May,2015 Reiya fought HIROYUKI who had lost in the past and became a

He fought Mr. A who had lost in the past and became a champion 7nd Shin Nihon Kick boxing fly weight Champion.

In April 2017, He went to UK and joined the first European-British expedition. But the result was lost by judged

However, He received high evaluation from the people concerned, in May of the same year I challenged the ISKA intercontinental flyweight championship game with ISKA Muay Thai Portuguese champion Herder Victor at Korakuen Hall and won 3 RKO and win the throne.