Shiro, who left the Nihon Kickboxing Association,
His activity base has been at Thailand.
Now Shirou is in new gym this time it will be the second game against that new gym
Nuepetch sitlomnow is a player who has been drawing attention recently.
Shiro got a reputation as a strong player in the second half of the game in the game held in March, Shiro was favorable with the multiplayer rate before the game.
When the game began, Nuepetch sitlomnow decided the middle kick and the front kick, Nuepetch sitlomnow It seemed that the game would move favorably. However, Shiro calmly makes the low kick a success, body blow, succeeds the bang of the punch and attacks Nuepetch sitlomnow. In the final round, Shiro kicked Nuepetch sitlomnow in front kick and Shiro got overwhelming points and decided the victory.

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