After Shiro moved to a new gym, this game was third game at him at Lumpinee stadium

It happens was changed the ageist fighter of Shirou just before


Shiro’s opponent is 180 cm tall. Kaensak Sakrangshit  who is a good player with clinch in using his height.

However, Shirou had an advantage as a preemption multiplayer rate. The game started at 15 pm (Thai time). From the coach of Shiro side, to give damage to Kaensak Sakrangshit, there was an instruction to positively go forward.

to entered 2R, continued Shiro’s low kick and punch, succeeded in damaging Kaensak Sakrangshit. However, when it became 3R, Shiro lost a lot of points, Shiro aimed for the rebound, but the technique to be decided did not arrive, the judgment lost by a close margin.



News/22 July 2017 Shirou VS Kaensak at Lumpiniee boxing stadium

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