On December 9, 2017, SHIROU participated in the TV match of Lumpinee Stadium.

Shiro This time the opponent is 17 years old Sangsawang. It is known as a player who is good at suicide wrestling in regular matches of TV match. Shiro continued pressure on himself that July, September and two losses continued, and if he had to win in this game it would not be later.
Shiro is going smoothly with his opponent with a low kick who is good at it. Sangsawang also tries to take a distance by kicking forward.
With 2R, Shiro decides the body straight from the low hit, and surely chases the opponent.
At 3R, Sangsawang also made progress with a knee kick. But retreats to Shiro’s left hook and retreats. Shiro extended the punch and when the right straight hit the neck, he fell down on the ring.
Shirou got over the pressure and became the winner.

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