Shiro, after joining Gat Pet Jim, a match on the Lumpinee Stadium, which will be the fourth game, was held on September 16th.

The opponent is KiempatakShin Bimuetai Gym. This time it changed sudden opponent one week before the game. The opponent’s Liempatak 124P. Since my opponent was 122P, it is a heavier player than that.

Shiro became 125 P contract weight. Shiro is a tactic of applying low kick which is good at the beginning of the game. And from 2R, I decided the punch technique one-on-one, upper and closely, and a loud voice came up from the audience seat. Although it became a game that made gamblers fierce, entering the 3 rd entrance, Liamtack begins to decide the head quarter-finals and it is a reward for kicking each other’s knees.

Shiro did not give up the game until the end, but aims for a reversal by hitting the punch, but Liamtack appealed to his predominance fully and raised the judgment of the judge.

The game resulted in 49-47 for the three, Shiro lost the judgment. Shiro said that Shikuro had a lot of expectations from gambler to Shiro because of his achievements, but Shiro says after saying “There was not enough skill in sumo wrestling.”

I am convinced of my own growth and further renewed my determination to pursue Muay Thai skills.


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